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shlomi-fish-homepage / lib / sass / style-2008.sass

@import "common-style"

  float: right

  /* derived from moccasin, but less intrusive, as a background.
  background-color: #FFEED3
    font-family: sans-serif
    font-size: small

  padding-left: 1em
  margin-left: 25%

  background-color: #C0C0C0
  padding-top: 7pt
  padding-bottom: 2em
  padding-right: 5pt
  padding-left: 5pt
  margin-bottom: 1em

/* This is for the breadcrumbs trail (= leading path) at the top.

  background-color: #ccffd0
  margin-bottom: 0.2em
  padding-left: 0.2em
  padding-top: 0.1em
  padding-bottom: 0.15em
  margin-right: 10pt
      color: #B24
      background-color: #FFA500
      /* orange