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Shlomi Fish  committed 6e17ca1

Add the bashrc.d files.

These are intended to be sourced from the .bashrc one after the other.

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File shlomif-settings/Bash/bashrc/bashrc.d/reminder.bash

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+if [ -s "$reminder_file" ] ; then
+    perl -Mstrict -Mwarnings -MTerm::ANSIColor -E 'my $x = colored("===", "bold red"); say "$x Reminders $x"'
+    cat "$reminder_file"
+    rm "$reminder_file"

File shlomif-settings/Bash/bashrc/bashrc.d/xml-catalog-files.bash

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+export XML_CATALOG_FILES="$homepage/rng/catalog.xml $HOME/Download/unpack/prog/web/validator-1.1/htdocs/sgml-lib/catalog.xml /etc/xml/catalog"