Author Commit Message Date Builds
Add the new perlsphere-using-perlanet script.
Add two new projects.
Add perl-XML-Grammar-Fiction.
u can now accept other args including packages.
Add the NLUUG script generation mirror.
Add the urpmpi.cfg generation script.
add more.
Add the new editortools.vim script.
Added e for urpme and eo for urpme --auto-orphans.
Add Mini-reporter for IGLU
Add more conf/svn's
Add more.
Add the script.
Add to the root_aliases.
Add the vcs-checkout-scripts directory. It contains version control system working copy checkout scripts.
Fixed the check for readable files for the ~/-related files.
Add the local vim.
Add another snippet.
Change to the ~/ home-directory notation in .gitconfig. It's only supported in recent gits.
Add the setup script.
Add the git directory.
Made the Work/Vim optional.
Moved to the right place
Add the .vim directory as dot-vim.
Add the vim-configuration directory. It contains the vim configuration.
Now handling the case of "Can't locate HTML/TreeBuilder/" in @INC.
Now resolving dependencies automatically
Add to the aliases.
More fixes to the script
Fix the script.
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