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Add the script - now mostly superceded by unix2dos.
Add the script to run the Freecell Solver benchmarks.
add more
Add the Amazon Affiliate URL script
add the gringotts invoker script
Add another old script
New script
Add the Hebrew Keymap script.
Add more
Add the klip script to put something in the KDE clipboard
Add monitor.bash
add an old script
Add the update config guess.
Add more
Add more
Add more.
Add more
Add gz-to-xz.
Add the old gvim-htmlize script. It syntax highlights files into HTML using gvim. There's now this CPAN module which does a better job: .
Add the N oldest files script
Add another old script
Add finish-client, finish-server, and finish-server. What these programs do is set up a way to tell yourself that a task was finished. To use you can type "sleep 100 ; finish-cue" or "make ; finish-cue" or invoke the server first and use the client in a similar way to finish-cue.
Add the 80_chars_ruler
The old IPQueue files
Add run-squeak.
Another program
Add play galgalatz
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