Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add three new VCS (svn) scripts.
Add more version control (svn) scripts.
Add perl-XML-Grammar-Fortune.
Add two new scripts.
Add perl-begin and perl-Padre.
Convert to svn+ssh.
Add the pf-kernel checkout script.
Add the dot-perldb file.
Add an HTML snippet.
Add perl-Moose.
Add the with_testing.
Add a snippet.
Updated tt2.vim.
Adapted the script and the template to generate 2010.1.
Add the FFO berlios.
Add with_testing => 0 to gen-isoc-acer-laptop.
Add the with_testing variable.
Add kopete.
Add the TelFOSS site.
Add the gen-isoc.
Correct a typo.
Add gen-nluug-i586.
Add the checkout fro SVN-RaWeb-Light.
Add the new perlsphere-using-perlanet script.
Add two new projects.
Add perl-XML-Grammar-Fiction.
u can now accept other args including packages.
Add the NLUUG script generation mirror.
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