Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Updated the subversion/apache2 files
Add perl-5.12.2
Add the setup function and updated the URLs
Add the up shell function to upload stuff automatically
Fixed the keys
Updated the gen-isoc-acer-laptop script.
Removed some ignored mediums from the template.
Add to cognitive
Add completion to perl/begin.
Add quadpres to the path
Add two new build scripts.
Corrected the path
Add a more descriptive prompt.
Add the no_implic_make. This makes make run faster and we don't need the implicit rules.
Clarified the comment.
Add the setup function.
Add list-of-themes.txt (a generated file) to the svn:ignore.
Correct the generation of the private-themes. It was broken due to the symlinking of ~/conf/Bash/Themes.
Add a program to setup the symlink.
Add the Bash themes to version control them.
Updated with more up-to-date modules from the laptop. Some of the scripts were added later or corrected.
Removed an old script.
Add the setup file.
Import the build scripts that reside under ~/conf/build.
Fixed the root_aliases to say "cp_to_shlomif" instead of "cp_to_shlomi".
Removed some out-of-date files.
Add kdepim and kdepimlibs.
Add the black hole solver svn script.
Add an autocmd to edit ~/conf/svn/*.sh files.
Add more scripts.
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