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 isn’t a good reason for it.
 Become an awesome Perl ninja rockstar vampire zombie pirate.
+    —
 <PerlJam> I’m trying to achieve world peace and this regex is the last thing
 standing in my way! ;)
 I am the most powerful man on Earth.
+    <rindolf>  preaction: every mighty Klingon warrior uses Vim.
+  <preaction>  only green-blooded Romulan scum use Emacs
+    - #perl,
+  <rindolf>  Barbapappa: Buffy Summers > Chuck Norris
+<preaction>  so, Chuck Norris is a vampire?
+  <rindolf>  preaction: no, but in the Buffyverse, he's getting pwned by Buffy
+    - #perl,