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     -- The Beatles, "Come Together"
 Larry Wall's pure-Perl code is faster than Assembly.
+Chuck Norris once wrote a 10 million lines C++ program in Microsoft Notepad
+without having to use the backspace key. And it compiled without errors or
+warnings, and was 100% bug-free.
+Larry Wall has been changing the world. By modifying its very source code.
+Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
+    --
+A kid always wishes they were older until they are 18. Afterwards, they always
+wish they were younger.
+Sophie: Let’s suppose you have a table with 2^n cups…
+Jack: Wait a second - is ‘n’ a natural number?
+If God exists and is the ego-maniacal, sadistic and helpless creature that is
+described in the Old Testament, then we’re in deep trouble.
+I might be mad. But I’m a mad genius.
+To err is human - to apologise - divine.
+To have bugs is human - to fix them - divine.
+To have bugs is human - to find them - divine.
+An original philosopher knows the right combination of ideas to steal.
+I promised, I forgot, I did not keep my promise — just shoot me, and get on
+with it!
+mplayer 0.9.999.2010.03.11-rc5-adc83b19e793491b1c6ea0fd8b46cd9f32e592fc now
+available for download.
+    -- Shlomi Fish and d3x.
+I may be a geek, but I’m a true klingon geek-warrior! And a true Klingon geek
+warrior ALWAYS bottom-posts.
+Shlomi: if you read my stories, I’ll give you 1,000,000 virtual dollars.
+Sjors: causing me to have a lot of extra virtual time!