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-park - Pre-Birth of a Modern Lisp
+Why we think Lisp was not very popular
 Author: Shlomi Fish
 * You don't see Perl 5, Python or Ruby people writing their own implementation
 for enlightenment. 
+* Multiple competing implementations fragment the brain-share of the language,
+mandate that low-level code be written in a different subroutine API, create
+implementation-specific extensions (with incompatible APIs) and convert Scheme
+(or Common Lisp) into what a correspondent said was a "family of languages" 
+instead of one unified language like Perl 5, Python, Ruby or PHP are.
+Over verbosity
+* Common Lisp and Scheme tend to be relatively verbose in comparison to
+Unusuble Core Language
+* Expecting the programmer to write many abstractions on his own and create
+his own language above CL or Scheme, instead of using the language directly.
+* Good support for Meta-programming is not a bad idea, but the core language
+must be usable right away.
+* "I think that ordinary people dislike abstraction." -- Larry Wall.
+[Source: "Present Continuous, Future Perfect"]
+* Cite the MJD comp.lang.lisp thing about awk vs. Scheme/CL.