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+This work is licensed under the
+<a rel="license" href="">Creative
+    Commons Attribution 3.0 License (Unported)</a> (CC-by) or at your option
+any later version. Copyright © 2011, Shlomi Fish. CC-by is a common,
+permissive, free/libre/open licence for cultural works, which allows for
+almost unlimited use. See
+<a href="">my interpretation and
+    expectations</a> from people who wish to build upon it (which I believe
+are pretty fair).
+<h2>About the Author</h2>
+<a href="">Shlomi Fish</a> is an Israeli software
+developer, essayist and humorist, who is passionate about open source, open
+content, and freedom and openness in general. He's been either trolling
+various online forums, or alternatively dealing with people who troll them,
+since he's been seriously involved in the Israeli and international open-source
+Among his many sins, he can list writing many "farfetched" and avantgarde 
+<a href="">stories</a> and screenplays, 
+releasing a lot of open-source programs that he's not sure anyone besides him 
+uses, adopting some programs and CPAN modules by other people that seem to
+be more popular, contributing to projects with many contributors (often
+not regularly), being called "passive-aggressive" and understanding that he
+is often over-domineering, regularly getting into 
+<a href="">states of being "hyper"</a>,
+(while lately deciding to openly admit it.), and writing many opinionated
+articles, <a href="">essays</a> and blog 
+posts about various topics. He prides himself in being a geek, who is a
+person who is inclined in one or more creative or research endeavour, but
+does not have prejudice against either geek culture, popular culture or
+popular geek pseudo-culture. He chooses what he finds good and happens to
+like, not what other people consider as hip or trendy or passé. As such, he 
+belongs to the empty set of people
+who like both <a href="">Pink 
+    Floyd</a>, as well as
+<a href="">Shania Twain</a>
+and <a href="">Atomic Kitten</a> 
+Shlomi is interested in any contracts or commissions involving writing essays, 
+blog posts or articles, or in publishing polished versions of his fictional 
+stories or essays, or collections thereof, in print or E-book form. He can
+be contacted by 
+<a href="">various means</a>,
+but please don't <a href="">ask him to fix your computer</a> or
+other personal help where an online forum will better do.
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