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 <p><b>Cancel the project, or close the channel</b> - may seem very far-fetched 
 but in a project I was involved in and made some suggestions which were 
-perceived as annoying, I was told that they actually considered to cancel
+perceived as annoying, I was told that they actually considered cancelling
 the project. Naturally, this is throwing the baby along with the bathwater, so 
 you certainly <b>must not</b> do that.
-The rest of this post is about some more useful advice for communicating
+The rest of this post gives more useful advice for communicating
 with people who are making provocative statements, and can be read at your
 own leisure. After you've read that, you may wish to practice what was said
 here using role-playing, by one of the following scenarios:
 humour. Be pleasant - not funny.</p></li>
 <li><p>Don't be rude; use soft words such as "I think", "I believe",
 "In my opinion", "I find that", etc.</p></li>
-<li><p>Don't label: "open-source and creative commosn are Socilism"
+<li><p>Don't label: "open-source and Creative Commons are Socialism"
 (So what if they are? They are still something beneficial.)
 <li><p>Always start the conversation with a "Hi [name-or-nick],"