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Added the <lectures_table> tag to encompass a lectures table.

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 in the Schreiber building.
-<table border="1">
 #include '../lib/lectures_dest/2003.html'
 #include '../lib/lectures_dest/2004.html'
 <br />


 <div dir="ltr">
-<table border="1">
 #include '../lib/lectures_dest/2005.html'
 <h2>הרצאות נוספות</h2>
+<define-tag lectures_table endtag="required">
+<table border="1" summary="Table of the Lectures: first column is the lecture number; second column is the subject; third is the lecturer; fourth is the date; fifth is for comments or links.">
+<td>Lecture Number</td>
+<td>Comments or Links</td>
 #   per default we are in body