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 <p>"No way! Just ten minutes ago the other Member of the Organisation resigned."</p>
 <p>"Really?" I asked him.</p>
 <p>"Yes. He is now bidding the other members farewell."</p>
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 <p>"Why did he quit?" </p>
 <p>"This and that. Said something that he couldn’t take all this stress any longer, and that he wishes to find a stable job and raise a family. He also noted that ‘it was fun to serve in the Organisation, but it’s time to move on.’  "</p>
 <p>"But according to my knowledge in acoustics, the resonance of the seeds is far higher than the frequency…"</p>
 <p>"What difference does it make? In any case, the Enemy is responsible for everything."</p>
 <p>"I see. Have a good day."</p>
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 <p>"Yes. And in any case, good luck to you in finding a job."</p>
 <p>I went to another farmer that lived farther from my home. When I reached him he was also busy taking care of his field. "Good morning, the Member!" he greeted me as he noticed me approaching him.</p>
 <p>"Good morning" I answered him. "In fact, I quit from the Organisation today and I came to ask you if you can supply me with a job."</p>
 <p>"Damn no!" said the commander firmly. "If they dared to do so…"</p>
 <p>"And yet you yourself are doing it to us, even though you don’t need to do it for a long time!"</p>
 <p>The younger soldiers started to laugh wildly until the commander turned his angry look towards them and they silenced. </p>
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 <p>He returned to me, "In any case: it was not the handiwork of the soldiers of the Enemy’s army?"</p>
 <p>"Not as long as they are defined according to Aristotle’s Organum."</p>
 <p>"O.K. You are free to go."</p>
 <p>Head of the Department of External Security of the Supporter’s Military</p>
 <p>After I pondered it during the evening and discussed it with the members of my family, I finally decided that I do want to go there and meet with them. The next day, I traveled to the airport by car, and boarded an airplane that flew there. </p>
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 <h2 id="crying_wolf">3. Crying Wolf.</h2>
 <p>The flight lasted only two hours, and the airplane landed at an airport near the capital city of the Supporter. A car of the Supporter’s army waited for me there, and it drove me to the chief headquarters of the military. On the way, I had the chance to watch the view around the car.</p>
 <p>The Supporter Country belongs to the same part of the world as my country, but because they have an even greater talent of causing the other part of the world to hate them, I realized that the economical state of things I saw outside the car was even worse than that of my country. Poverty and hunger were seen almost everywhere.</p>