Shlomi Fish committed f25f67c

Add the English-HTML-for-openoffice target.

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 ENG_EPUB = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/The-Enemy-English.epub
 ENG_XHTML = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/The-Enemy-English.xhtml
 ENG_DB_PROCESSED = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/PROCESSED_The-Enemy-English.db5.xml
 ENG_DB_XSLT = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/docbook-epub-preproc.xslt
 ENG_DB_SOURCE = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/The-Enemy-English.db5.xml
+ENG_HTML_FOR_OOO = $(ENG_DB_DIR)/The-Enemy-English.for-openoffice.html
 	xsltproc --output $@ $(ENG_DB_XSLT) $(ENG_DB_SOURCE)
 	xsltproc --stringparam root.filename $@ --path $(DOCBOOK5_XSL_STYLESHEETS_XHTML_PATH) -o $@ $(DOCBOOK5_XSL_CUSTOM_XSLT_STYLESHEET) $<
 	mv -f English-Docbook/English-Docbook/The-Enemy-English.xhtml.html $@
+	cat $< | perl -lne 'print unless m{\A<\?xml}' > $@
+openoffice: $(ENG_HTML_FOR_OOO)
+	ooffice3.2 $<
 .PHONY: epub_ff
 epub_ff: $(ENG_EPUB)
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