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<title>"The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight It" Sources Readme</title>
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<h1>Sources for "The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it" by Shlomi Fish</h1>


<a href="The-Enemy-English.db5.xml">English DocBook 5</a> - source in DocBook
5 (XML format). Can be edited directly.

<a href="The-Enemy-English.xhtml">English XHTML</a> - to be read - generated
from the docbook. <b style="color:red">DO NOT EDIT DIRECTLY!</b>.

<a href="The-Enemy-Hebrew.fiction-text.txt">Hebrew Fiction-Text source</a> -
a well-formed plaintext format (see 
<a href="">the
XML-Grammar-Fiction homepage</a>) that is the prototypal source of the Hebrew
version.  Can be edited directly.

<a href="The-Enemy-Hebrew.fiction-text.xhtml">Hebrew XHTML</a> - as generated
indirectly from the Hebrew Fiction-Text. 
<b style="color:red">DO NOT EDIT DIRECTLY!</b>, but can be used to view
the page comfortably.

<a href="Makefile">The Makefile</a> - used to build the sources, and upload 
them. Requires some dependencies.


The preferable way to edit these sources is to clone 
<a href="">the Bitbucket repository
of the story</a>, and send me a pull request.

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