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 Note that this is not about being what Americans call “a winner” and win
 1st place at some silly competition of who has the highest grade average or
 the highest television rating ever. I don't care about that too much, but
-I do care about being acknowledged. My stories are not perfect, but its
-there imperfection and sometimes sloppiness that makes them perfect.
+I do care about being acknowledged. My stories are not perfect, but it is
+their imperfection and sometimes sloppiness that makes them perfect.
+<h2>The Technion and the American concept of “Loser” and “Winner”</h2>
+The Technion in Haifa, Israel, where I studied for my Bachelor of
+Science degree, is overall a fine institute to study in, but it has several
+problems. One problem is that it's "90% work / 10% play" instead of say
+"70% work / 30% play", because there's a strong discipline to study and only
+that. But an even graver problem is the fact that the staff prefers the scores
+of their tests to be an approximate
+<a href="">normal distribution</a>
+(or Gaussian) which makes many people who studied hard frustrated at their
+low grades. A better strategy would be to give a solid workload during the
+semester, and then to have a <b>relatively</b> easy test, so people who studied
+hard during the semester will easily pass with a high score, while the slackers
+will still fail.
+It seems like there's a similar problem with M.I.T., but whereas in MIT they
+have a major problem with suicides of people who had straight A's in high
+school and became C average students in M.I.T., I have yet to hear of a
+Technion student who committed suicide because of low grades. Why? Because
+Israelis don't have the unhealthy obsession about not being a “loser” that
+Americans do. Technion students know best to realise that their low grades
+are not their own fault, but rather the fault of the institute's general
+I received some flak due to this. One Technion professor (who graduated from
+M.I.T.) once asked me why my grade average was relatively low. I told him
+I had better things to do with my time, and did not want to invest the much
+extra time in getting perfect scores, and that I never took a course or a test
+again if I got a passing grade (no matter how low). I spent many hours in
+my Technion studies working on my homepage and on open source software,
+interacting with my fellow students, browsing the web for information and
+knowledge, etc. and they later on provided fodder for my works of fiction,
+humour and philosophy. So I knew that I was right in trying to enhance my
+general skillset instead of just my grades.
+Some Americans may think I’m a “loser” for finishing with an average grade
+of only 84.6% (which still made me a cum-laude student) and not being
+able to persist in the same job for a long time since. But I’m not competing
+like an Olympic athelete at some silly race on life. Life is meant to be
+enjoyed - it is not a silly race.
+<h2><a href=""><i>Silver Linings Playbook</i></a></h2>
+A good friend recommended me to watch the film <i>Silver Linings Playbook</i>,
+and said it discussed a man who had
+<a href="">Bipolar
+    disorder (or “Mania-Depressia”)</a>, which is something I have been
+suffering from as well. I watched the film and found it imperfect: slow
+starting, irresponsible, and a little depressing at times. But it was a great
+film, with some great acting, many jokes and many awkward and funny
+situations, and many details I could relate to. So it was perfect simply
+because it was imperfect. Films that are too perfect are too boring.
+Anyway, the theme of the film was that you can be happy and content even if
+it appears you are a “loser”. Despite the fact that I am still living with my
+parents at 35, that I've never been in a relationship with a girl (and I
+am a straight guy), that I had a hard time keeping a job as a programmer, and
+it's been a while since I've gone out of Israel, I am not a loser, and neither
+probably are you.
+That put aside, I still want fame, recognition, money, and becoming a
+household name. It's just what I want and what I think I can do. That's part
+of who I am, and part of what I think I can do.
+<h2><a href="">Jennifer Lawrence</a></h2>
+And Silver Linings Playbook brings us to Ms. Jennifer Lawrence, who played
+a lead role there and won many awards including the Academy Award for
+best actress (a.k.a the Oscars) at the young (for an Academy Aware winner)
+age of twenty-two (22). I was
+quick to dismiss her due to previously playing in the dystopian <i>The Hunger
+    Games</i> (I dislike dystopian stuff) but I loved her on <i>Silver Linings
+    Playbook</i>. Although attractive, Ms. Lawrence is certainly not the
+most beautiful woman I met or saw, and I'm sure she has some personality quirks
+(like we all do), but thanks to playing her card rights, she is now
+a much coveted <b>Alpha Female</b>, who can have the rest of her life (and
+I wish her a very happy and long life) go in a direction she chooses.
+<h2><a href="">Ayn Rand</a></h2>
+While being an Objectivist, I am going to make a surprise statement: Ayn
+Rand’s books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged have a tragic ending. Yes,
+in The Fountainhead, unlike in my parody and modernisation of it which
+I called <a href="">“The One With
+    The Fountainhead”</a>, World War II is not prevented, and the characters
+each end up unhappy. On the other hand, in my parody, Dominique Francon
+becomes the president of the United States, Roark is her husband and father
+of her children and decides to pursue a career in paleontology having reached
+saturation as an architect, Toohey starts a new career as a saxophone player,
+and Gail Wynand transforms his newspaper empire into something more benevolent.
+Furthermore, it is clear from the Fountainhead that like Howard Roark, Ayn
+Rand expected fortune and success to come to her at the time without her
+doing anything about it. In <i>Atlas Shrugged</i> on the other hand, all
+the characters including the protagonist Dagny and John Galt, are constantly
+travelling and networking. Like it should be. Today you can do the same
+using mostly (but certainly not exclusively) Internet means.
+And that was also my problem, which I've decided to avoid now.