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 It is extremely unlikely that a single man called Aesop told all of the
 <a href="">fables
-that were attributed to him</a>, and even if
+that have been attributed to him</a>, and even if
 <a href="">(King) David</a> existed, he has
 not taken all of the actions that he was told to have taken in the Bible,
 because many such tales were common in the ancient Near East. Instead, they
 were both ancient <a href="">memes</a>, and
-people were expected to improve upon them, and gradually add more and more
-to them.
+people had no qualms to gradually improve upon them and spice them.
 or criticise it.
+<hr />
+The biggest offender of the “Publish or Perish → Life or Death” principle
+I can think of and can relate to is
+<a href="">National
+    Security Agency (NSA)</a> and they now face two options: either publish
+everything they know promptly —­or perish.
+How do I plan to make them realise that?
+See <a href="">my page
+    with NSA “facts”</a> and its links, as well as my latest anti-NSA
+activism in the form of the informal screenplay
+<a href=""><i>Summerschool
+at the NSA</i></a>. The latter stars the actresses
+<a href="">Sarah Michelle
+Gellar</a> (of
+<a href="">Buffy</a> fame) and
+<a href="">Summer Glau</a> (famous
+for being featured in <a href="">xkcd #406: “Venting”</a>
+and some other <a href="">xkcd</a> strips) as themselves,
+and who conspire to slay/terminate/kick-the-ass-of the NSA for good, in a
+<a href="">David
+vs. Goliath</a> fashion.
+For publishing and therefore life,
+— <a href="">Shlomi Fish</a>
+<h2 id="license">Licence</h2>
+This document is Copyright by Shlomi Fish, 2012, and is available
+under the
+terms of <a rel="license"
+href="">the Creative Commons
+Attribution Non-commercial License 3.0 Unported</a> (or at your option any
+later version of that licence). In addition to that, the author gives an
+explicit exemption to use the article in sites with web advertising.
+For securing additional rights, please contact
+<a href="">Shlomi Fish</a>
+and see <a href="">the
+explicit requirements</a> that are being spelt from abiding by that licence.
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