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 can become a ring and a Q and so can you.
+<h2>What will the Qs be like?</h2>
+The male and female Qs will be young-at-heart-if-not-in-body. They will be
+attractive and sexy. They will be very diverse. They will share their knowledge,
+and give away all their "secrets". They will be admired and lusted. They will
+be able to have any true parasite (many men, but especially many women) admit
+this is the case for them by using simple
+<a href="">Socratic irony</a>.
+While not being supermen and superwomen, they will be resourceful and the
+anti-thesis of needy, and will try to never blame external factors in their
+own problems.
+The enemies of the Qs will be no match for their power, for they possess
+power far greater than firearms. They will possess the power of The
+<a href="">Milady de Winter</a>, 
+a formidable vampirella, who was sexy, compotent and independent and only 
+portrayed as an non-realistic criminal mastermind, who could "slay" all the
+truly evil people she encountered ("slay" - not kill). Moreover, they will
+possess the power of The Dispeller, the fictional Selena Mandrake, an
+Anglo-American female girl in her senior year in high school today, who
+was the first one who was able to slay The Slayer, because she did not slay
+individual people, but actually focused on dispelling their prejudices and
+superstitions. The Dispeller is one step ahead of The Slayer like The Liberator
+was one step ahead of The Free, and the Liberal was one step ahead of
+Liberator. (And who knows what the future brings.).