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 our existence, and makes us think. They give us questions. A lot of them.
+<h2>We all have a master, and should be humble</h2>
+A Jewish tale tells of a mighty emperor, supposedly a "king of kings" who
+conquered so many nations and people, that he believed and proclaimed that he
+was unstoppable and not even God (the real "King of the King of Kings") could
+stop him. God did not like him. So what did he do? He let a fly enter the
+emperor's head and keep buzzing. The emperor could not stand the fly buzzing
+in his head, and ended up being driven to insanity, and then committed suicide.
+So his <a href="">Hubris</a> (= excessive
+human pride) caused him to be killed by a creature as insignificant as a fly.
+While this is a folk tale, it illustrates the fact that we as humans are still
+at the mercy of forces beyond us. As the old thought experiment goes
+tomorrow <a href="">Linus
+    Torvalds</a>, who created and still maintain the Linux kernel, and is
+the poster child of the open source movement (and a really smart hacker,
+and a father to three daughters) can get hit by a bus. I am almost
+sure the Linux kernel development and the open source world in general will
+survive this shock, but a wonderful and beautiful life will be lost forever.
+I can also get hit by an automobile, and so can Chuck Norris, who may now be
+old enough to have a heart attack or any other deteriorating health problems
+due to old age. We are all fragile, and must realise we should not succumb
+to Hubris, because even if God does not exist, then Hubris will make us do
+some really silly stuff, which will end up causing our downfall.
+As surprising as it sounds, even God has a master: logic. Ever since Aristotle
+codified logic in his
+<a href="">Organon</a> (which back then
+was not so taken for granted - “A is A, and A is not not-A? Of course A can be
+not-A. What kind of drugs is he on?”), which mathematicians, scientists and
+engineers have used to construct greater and better technology - both physical
+and "concrete" (like the tall buildings in various cities around the world,
+land, air and space travel, and naturally computer and computer networks)
+and mental (like the various philosophies, idea systems,
+and mythological systems, up to this very essay and very word), logicians
+have proved that some tasks are impossible. Perhaps the most famous is
+“Can God create a stone so big that he cannot lift?” but a more recent and
+more important one is
+<a href="">the Halting problem</a>,
+which specifies that one cannot write a program which will finish within
+a finite time, that will determine if any other arbitrary program will
+terminate or alternatively run forever. While the formal proof is complex,
+there is a short informal proof that most intelligent people can understand.
+So God is not omnipotent either.