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+<h1>Blog Entry for my 36th Birthday (Take 2)</h1>
+Being born on <a href="">5 May</a>
+1977, I turn 36 (= thirty six) on 5 May 2013. 36 is a special number for me
+in part because it is the square of 6, but more importantly because it is
+two times of 18. The age of 18 is considered the start of maturity in Israel
+when Israeli boys and girls gain the right to vote, and are supposed to enroll
+into <a href="">the
+Israeli military</a>, and normally hit sexual maturity at that point.
+The time I was 18, 19, 20 in 1995-1997, was very influential for me, and
+now I feel that I have achieved a second maturity.
+I feel I have finally reached peace of mind, am enjoying all the little
+things in life, and can honestly see reality as it is, and see through many
+lies. Part of my problem was that for a long time I was
+<a href="">playing
+the “Invisible”</a>, which is something I decided to avoid from now on and
+work on better publicity. A different issue was me thinking of myself
+as <a href="">The
+Eternal Jew</a>, i.e: a profile, or a “god” in the stock exchange of the
+Gods, which was an unhealthy tendency that I finally put to rest
+in <a href="">a scene</a> of my screenplay,
+<i>Selina Mandrake - The Slayer</i> (thanks to the wonderful protagonist
+there). Finally, yet another problem was that I have not
+<a href="">accepted
+who I am</a>, which is also something that I decided to avoid from now.
+If I were ever going to visit
+<a href="">Fantastica</a>,
+the land of imagination, I would need to be very careful from the wrath
+of the characters of <a href="">my
+stories and screenplays</a>, whom I have put to much suffering (but at least
+all of them, with an exception in
+<a href=""><i>The
+Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it</i></a>, ended up alive at the end of
+the stories and happier than ever.). However, all this suffering was secondary
+to my own which involved
+href="">hypomanias</a>, and even some <a href="">Manias</a>, which
+caused some deteriorated health, and unhappiness to my surrounding.
+I have decided that from now on, I would like to socialise more, which I
+was told and understood was part of what is causing hypomanias and the
+underlying reason behind
+<a href="">Bipolar disorder</a>.
+I have already attended one
+<a href="">Science Fiction and Fantasy
+Conference</a> in Tel Aviv, and it was a great and colourful experience,
+and also proved a catalyst for coming up with the idea of
+<a href="">a
+screenplay I have written</a>. I want to do stuff like that more often
+which will hopefully mitigate my hypomanias problem.
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