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 <a href=""><i>The
-Human Hacking Field Guide</i></a> brings us Erisa→Eve who at the age
+Human Hacking Field Guide</i></a> brings us Erisa→Eve, the sexy,
+mysterious, insurgent, typical “bad girl” antagonist, who after becoming
+less of a rebel without a cause, and at the age
 of 18 felt like she can write her own replacement for
 <i>In Search of Lost Time</i>, and publish it, and it would be
 better than the original. Eve, I wish I knew I was reflecting on myself
-in this respect.
+in this respect!
+<a href="">Star
+Trek: “We, the Living Dead”</a>, we find such characters as Q, Q2,
+Jadzia Dax, and my own
+<a href="">Katie Jacobson</a>,
+who face a mishmash of <i>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine</i>,
+<a href="">Julian
+Jaynes’ Bicameral Mind theory</a>
+and other Near East history, <a href="">open source hackerdom</a>,
+and various
+<a href="">Elders
+of Zion</a> and Illuminati conspiracy theory, and survive to tell the tale,
+reflecting upon some of the farfetched stuff I thought to be true, during my
+“Great Mania”.
+Finally, Selina from
+<a href=""><i>Selina
+Mandrake - The Slayer</i></a>, handled the various vampires and
+demons she ran into in a graceful and natural way, and finally put
+my whole obsession with “The Eternal Jew”/“The Invisible”/“The Slayer”/
+“The Dispeller”/“The Free”/etc. to rest. Selina, you are great - I love
+During this period, I have also started writing
+<a href=""><i>Humanity</i> -
+The Movie</a>, which aims to be a parody of Humanity and modern life in
+particular, and which I originally imagined as being written and films
+by a <a href="">Bajoran</a>
+extraterrestrial who arrived at Earth, also during my “Great Mania”,
+and <a href=""><i>The Pope Died
+on Sunday</i></a>, which tells the story of an atheist female graphic
+designer (and a software developer by training) in Milwaukee,
+during the summer of the
+<a href="">year 2000</a>, reflecting
+on an old mentality, and finally
+<a href=""><i>The
+Blue Rabbit Log</i></a>, which is a Crazy Comedy parodying Role-Playing
+Games, and is based on an old idea of mine.
+Anyway, right now, I feel like I have reached a greater
+and greater enlightenment and am more capable of handling life’s
+problems as I run into them. Cheers, and have a great 5 May day.
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