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 but there's always a risk I'm being toyed by some evil genius and that reality
 is not what it seems to be (see Descartes’
 <a href="">“I
-    think therefore I am”</a> thought experiment)
+    think therefore I am”</a> thought experiment and naturally The Matrix
+concept from first Matrix film, which I have yet to read).
+Alternatively, it is possible that God does not exist, and reality is simply
+whimsical and random, but still enabled the creation of life, intelligence,
+and finally - human consciousness.
+So it may sound farfetched to you, but I don't want to die - not now, not in a
+thousand years - never. Maybe it's a scary thought, but I have accepted it
+now, and wish to enjoy youth rejuvenating biological immortality. And I don't
+want me or any of the living heroes I admire in the present, both those
+that I know and those that I have only heard about (including some
+people I have a feud with, but still know are mostly good people and respect),
+to ever have to die due to old age, accidents, or misfortune.
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