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 to ever have to die due to old age, accidents, or misfortune.
+<h2>Hackers Own The World</h2>
+Hackers like David are the true holders of power in the world. In the Jewish
+Bible, the myth of David is muddled by him later becoming a tragic hero,
+and that his only true love, the sexy, and likely minded, female hacker
+<a href="">Michal</a> becoming barren and
+supposedly jealous, but there are plenty of other hackers, both living and
+fictional, in the world whose story had a happy ending. And here's the thing:
+this is what an
+<b>Action Hero</b> is all about - he defies the rules, bends the rules,
+and eventually wins. A tragic hero on the other hand is bounded by many
+invisible rules, and cannot win. So Action is the exact opposite of Tragedy.
+(And to truly see why this is true, you should watch and listen to the 1m43s
+<a href="">trailer for
+    Shakespeare’s Hamlet starring Arnold Schwarzenegger</a> from the excellent
+film <a href="">[the] Last
+    Action Hero</a>.) I also guarantee you that this very essay is not perfect
+and written quite sloppily, and that's OK, because I'm a hacker and like to
+bend the rules, and while I care about quality, I also care about getting
+something - anything - out of the door quickly. With the help of editors,
+I can always fix the essay later, in case a prestigious magazine such as Time
+Magazine or Playboy wish to publish it, but if I wait until it is letter
+perfect before I publish and announce it, then it will be a big waste of
+I also realised that even though I placed my stories and screenplays
+under the /humour/ part of my homepage, they were also almost always stories
+of action. Many action films now contain a lot of humour, and humour films
+and even dramas are often action films in disguise (and that includes
+<i>Silver Linings Playbook</i>).