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 about Chuck Norris, and other people and things, to
 <a href="">full-scope novellas
     and screenplays</a> (which few people <a href="">have ever had
-    the patience to read</a> the latter, including when I grew up in the 1980s and
+    the patience to read</a> the latter, including when I grew up in the 1980s
+and 1990s.)
-But let's the solution for getting
+All that put aside, as ego-maniacal, megalomaniac and self-promoting that I
+can get (and I can get very much so), and that I like to be acknowledged
+or respected for the works I've created and for my insights, I don't need to
+be worshipped, and I need people who are more than fans (and God save me from
+<a href="">sycophants</a>), who wish
+to build upon my works, take them in different directions, parody them, provide
+useful criticism (even one phrased destructively) or even try to out-compete
+me. See what Lawrence Lessig
+<a href="">wrote
+    about it on in his book - <i>Remix</i></a>.
+And as wonderful as I can be, I decided that I am no longer “The Eternal Jew”,
+or “The Neo-Tech Invisible” or “The Boss” or whatever, just Mr. Shlomi Fish,
+the talented, wonderful, competent (and as American youth will say - “awesome”)
+individual (but not a label, a profile or a “god”). Someone who
+<a href="">was here (on Earth)</a>,
+still is here, and is planning to remain here and enjoy life, freedom, value
+production, beauty, and an increasing amount of joy, happiness and pleasure.
+I have written all this as
+<a href="">this scene</a> from my screenplay
+<a href=""><i>Selina
+        Mandrake - The Slayer</i></a>, which while being fan-fiction of
+<a href=""><i>Buffy
+        the Vampire Slayer</i></a>, and crosses many other “worlds” of fiction
+I have been influenced by, is not to be taken as second-class artwork. This
+is because, likeLawrence Lessig notes in the book
+<a href=""><i>Remix</i></a>,
+the antagonism  towards fan art and derivative
+works, has mostly been an unfortunate 20th century fad, and is not supported
+by good ethical or commercial reasons.
+<hr />
+Now that we've put all this behind, let's move on to many possible
+for the <b>Iranian threat</b> for Israel’s well-being, and naturally - “do and
+let do” and “act now”.