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 And as wonderful as I can be, I decided that I am no longer “The Eternal Jew”,
 or “The Neo-Tech Invisible” or “The Boss” or whatever, just Mr. Shlomi Fish,
-the talented, wonderful, competent (and as American youth will say - “awesome”)
-individual (but not a label, a profile or a “god”). Someone who
+the talented, wonderful, competent, (and as American youth will say -
+“awesome”) individual (but not a label, a profile or a “god”). Someone who
 <a href="">was here (on Earth)</a>,
 still is here, and is planning to remain here and enjoy life, freedom, value
 production, beauty, and an increasing amount of joy, happiness and pleasure.
 I have written all this as
 <a href="">this scene</a> from my screenplay
 <a href=""><i>Selina
-        Mandrake - The Slayer</i></a>, which while being fan-fiction of
-<a href=""><i>Buffy
-        the Vampire Slayer</i></a>, and crosses many other “worlds” of fiction
-I have been influenced by, is not to be taken as second-class artwork. This
-is because, like Lawrence Lessig notes in the book
-<a href=""><i>Remix</i></a>,
-the antagonism  towards fan art and derivative
-works, has mostly been an unfortunate 20th century fad, and is not supported
-by good ethical or commercial reasons.
+        Mandrake - The Slayer</i></a>.
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