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 <h1>XML-Grammar-Screenplay: Alternative Format for Hollywood Screenplays</h1>
+A short time after I publicised the
+<a href="">XML-Grammar-Screenplay</a>
+format, a Perl monger sent me a message reading this:
+I would think that a proper screenplay grammar would be useful (I've thought
+of writing one myself). Though I've looked through your screenplay examples, I
+can't see any of them, anywhere, which is actually rendered in correct
+screenplay format (<a
+nor anything which appears to directly support the special directives often
+found in screenplays, such as sluglines.  Am I missing something?
+(Poor) Directions for formatting a screenplay are
+<a href="">here</a>.
+That really doesn't cover the *extremely* rigid formatting rules involved (a
+reader can often <b>toss</b> a script with <b>bad margins</b> and get paid for it anyway).
+Why is it important? Because it seems that with this pedantic and perfectionist
+attitude Hollywood has left its original rebellious and
+<a href="">insurgent</a> roots (the
+film production companies were located around to avoid litigation from
+Edison’s patent trolling machine; and Henry Ford voiced some anti-semitic
+concerns about the Jewish dominance of Hollywood, which he claimed was
+part of their conspiracy to take over the world), and became more strict.
+How many good films did not take off because of badly formatted or malformed
+screenplays? Hard to know.
+This is why I now think that the format of
+<a href="">Screenplay-Text</a> is
+better simply because it is validated to conform with it and is easier to
+write (being based on scripts for drama that I read, as well as some
+Internet screenplays such as
+<a href="">“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Star Trek - The Next Generation”</a>).
+XML-Grammar-Screenplay still has many issues like the fact that its
+error messages can be unhelpful, or that it is still lacking many features,
+but these should be relatively easy to resolve (possibly by a refactoring
+or even partial or complete rewrites).
+As I note in the
+<a href="">“David and Goliath” section</a> of my
+<a href="">“Putting all the Cards on the Table (2013)”</a>,
+a hacker knows the rules, plays by them, but is not afraid to bend them, or
+make up his own rules and that is what
+<a href="">an action hero</a> is all
+about. So now I'm trying to promote Screenplay-Text and Screenplay-XML
+as hackier alternatives to the traditional screenplays of Hollywood which
+became more “professional” and tragic hero-like.
+Naturally, “reality, to be conquered, must be obeyed”, and I think we can use
+a manual conversion to the more traditional Hollywood screenplays at first
+as a way to challenge the status quo.
+I can be reached as <tt>rindolf</tt> on <a href="">the
+Freenode IRC network</a> in a private message or in several channels (
+<tt>/whois rindolf rindolf</tt>) to further discuss the vision for
+Screenplay-Text and Screenplay-XML. But I think it is a noble goal.
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