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 and Goliath or the Hadith about Muhammad, in my own words and spice them up
 a little, but the thing is - it makes these stories something alive and
 dynamic because our times are different. Shakespeare’s plays were narrated
-as they were during his times, but reading them now is boring, since our
+as they were during his times, but reading them now is boring. Because our
 times are different.
+<h2>Hackers Make the Best Warriors</h2>
+I once read a feature in an Israeli adolscents' magazine
+about the <a href="">Navy
+    SEALs</a>, who are the chief commando unit of the Navy, and they said
+there that while many very muscular young men (which they called “a Rambo and
+a half”) approached them about joining, they didn’t survive for too long in
+their training, and those that did were those with a “high I.Q.” and the
+really motivated ones. The United States has an unnatural motivation with
+I.Q., which is not a good measurement for intelligence (for many reasons),
+but the point is that they are intelligent and competent.
+And what is the recipe for such intelligence and competence? The answer is
+having a mostly happy childhood, being open-minded and knoweldgable about
+all sorts of small things, getting a lot of information, knowledge,
+understanding, and insights, and being a whole rounded person. The world’s
+greatest warriors such as Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee were not overly muscular,
+and Chuck Norris had a happy and supposedly uneventful childhood. He also was
+aware that he has to stand for himself, and take decisive action (“The Gods help
+them that help themselves”) instead of letting life lead him in its own way
+("Go with the flow" or "Be a product of your environment").
+So did most of the Navy SEALs.
+A murderous villain can shoot to all directions and perform a lot of killing,
+but a good warrior requires precision, accuracy, intelligence and competence.
+This involves being a well-rounded, happy and benevolent person.
+<a href="">Saladin</a> was the greatest
+physical warrior of his time, and he was extremely noble, and spared and cared
+for the lives of the Knights Templar (who were really crazy people), to say
+nothing of that of innocent men, women and children who came in his way.
+Whenever I run into a moral dillema, I think to myself
+“What would Saladin do?” and then do exactly that.
+A lot of people believe that the children of today are unusual because they
+don't have the patience to read anything longer than a twitter utterance (
+see <a href="">Noise
+    to Signal’s “TL;DR” cartoon</a>), but I recall that most of the youth
+of my generation (I am 1977-born), also did not read any books as I did,
+or read most of the history and other textbooks of my class, like I did,
+or whatever, and instead spent a lot of time playing with friends or
+watching television or whatever, and they turned out fine eventually. Nowadays,
+many kids are bound to do things that will make some of us as grownups
+think that “the generation is diminishing” but naturally, this is folly
+(see <a href="">the Noise to Signal’s “Fire” cartoon and the comments about it</a>).
+As a matter of fact, newer generations can build on the work, knowledge,
+and wisdom of older generations (“Standing on the shoulds of giants”) and
+achieve dazzling new heights. During Helenistic times, many people believed that
+philosophy was a useless mind exercise, that philosophers were contaminating
+the youth, and that they were parasites who make problems where none exist.
+That was all well and nice, until the Romans had a lot of pain and casualities,
+conquering the island of
+<a href="">Archimedes</a>
+due to the many devices and inventions he came up and that were used to
+protect it.
+And like I said, there are many other ways to wage war that do not involve
+bloodshed or even violence.
+In <a href="">Selina
+    Mandrake</a>, Selina runs into three vampire warriors (“The Three”)
+dressed as Klingons, who claim that “Every mighty Klingon warrior has watched
+Sesame Street” to which she exclaims:
+“Mighty Klingon vampire warriors who have watched Sesame Street… this decade
+royally sucks!!”, but most of the best American warriors of the relatively
+recent past (of all kinds) have watched Sesame Street, because they loved
+it as happy children.