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 power far greater than firearms. They will possess the power of The
 <a href="">Milady de Winter</a>, 
-a formidable vampirella, who was sexy, compotent and independent and only 
+a formidable vampirella, who was sexy, competent and independent and only 
 portrayed as an non-realistic criminal mastermind, who could "slay" all the
 truly evil people she encountered ("slay" - not kill). Moreover, they will
 possess the power of The Dispeller, the fictional Selena Mandrake, an
 Liberator. (And who knows what the future brings.).
+Despite being Qs, they will never look down on other vampires or even other
+mortals, because they know that they don't know, and that dismissing a less
+experienced or talented person as someone who cannot teach them anything
+is something only "fools" do, and an <a 
+    href="">ad-hominem</a>. Some very
+inexperienced people can beat highly experienced ones at their own game,
+because that's how nature is.
+Finally, the Qs will not aim to be "original", they will aim to be good.
+They will restore the age-long tradition of fan art (which is prevalent
+in such ancient books as the Hebrew Bible and the Greek writings), and it will 
+be considered a first-class citizen to having 100% original artworks.
+The Qs of today will be the winners, and together they will start the New Age,
+an exciting age where people are sexy, 
+hard-working-and-have-a-lot-of-fun-in-the-process, are masters of their own
+future and destiny, know that the worst way to waste your time is to 
+<a href="">never waste it</a>,
+and that regardless of how complicated and comprehensive your rules are,
+you must always use logic and reason. It will be a great age.
+Sincerely yours, -- 
+<a href="">Shlomi Fish</a>, The Eternal Jew, The
+Neo-Tech Invisible, and a Q.
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