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 situations, instead of insisting that we will always have our way. 
+Thanks to <tt>steerpike</tt>, <tt>mofino</tt> and <tt>perlmonkey</tt> from
+<a href="">Freenode</a> for going over early drafts of
+this essay and providing some comments.
 This work is licensed under the
 <a rel="license" href="">Creative
     Commons Attribution 3.0 License (Unported)</a> (CC-by) or at your option
-any later version. Copyright © 2011, Shlomi Fish. CC-by is a common,
+any later version. Copyright © 2012, Shlomi Fish. CC-by is a common,
 permissive, free/libre/open licence for cultural works, which allows for
 almost unlimited use. See
 <a href="">my interpretation and
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