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-This was a small filler post for this blog (
-<a href="">"Unarmed but still Dangerous"</a> ),
-as I'm busy working on some other articles and essays, and enhancing some
-existing essays and stories. I had previously 
-<a href="">written about it</a> in my essay
-<a href="">"Thoughts 
-about the Best Introductory Language"</a>, but I think it got lost in 
-confusion, and did not make a large enough impact on the Blogosophere there.
+I realise I’ve neglected this blog for a long time, and I’ve been meaning
+to write and publish this entry for a long time, but didn’t, but I guess
+“better late than never”, right? Personally, I’ve been mostly fine recently
+having found a part-time job, which involves a short bus ride to the office
+in the downtown city, so it’s at a great location for me. I also enjoyed
+attending the latest Israeli Perl Workshop for 2012
+<a href="">written a report about it</a>.
-My <a href="">previous post</a> proved
-to be very popular after it was Slashdotted successfully, and afterwards
-featured on some other news sites, blogs, microblogs, and on-line forums (some
-people told me it became 
-<a href="">"viral"</a>). So I'm
-happy with all the attention, and that "Unarmed but still Dangerous", has
-gotten off on the right foot. 
+In the meanwhile,’s handling of this blog’s 
+<a href="">DNS</a> 
+domains has deteriorated, and now just redirects it to This probably made me even less motivated to post
+on this blog, and my reports about it appears to have been marked as 
+duplicate without a proper resolution, but I'll try to get it handled and
+fixed. If not, I might have to investigate other hosted blog solutions.
-Moreover, <a href="">my 
-introductory post</a>
-was covered in Eric Raymond's <a href="">"Armed
-and Dangerous" blog</a> (after I refered him to the fact that my blog's
-name was a parody and tribute to his) and sparked an active discussion
-there. The blog appears to be down at the moment, but I'll give a link
-to the discussion once it is up again.
+There’s a lot more going on with my life, but I’m not sure how much it will
+interest other people and how much I should share it, but I’m fine and happy
+and have plenty of free time for work and leisure and whatever is in between. 
+So good bye until next time.