vim-begin / vim-begin / jekyll-prototype / Makefile

# GENERATED_HTMLS = _site/index.html _site/books/index.html _site/mailing-lists/index.html
SOURCES = $(shell find src -name '*.html') _config.yml atom.xml CNAME README.textile
GENERATED_HTMLS = $(shell find _site -name '*.html')
GENERATED_CSS = src/css/style.css

SCREENSHOTS_PNGS = src/screenshots/images/romainl-macvim1.png src/screenshots/images/romainl-macvim2.png src/screenshots/images/gvim-perl-256.png
SCREENSHOTS_PNGS_PREVIEWS = $(patsubst %.png,%-preview.png,$(SCREENSHOTS_PNGS))



$(SCREENSHOTS_PNGS_PREVIEWS): %-preview.png: %.png
	convert $< -resize 400 $@

$(GENERATED_CSS) : sass/jqui-override.sass sass/style.sass sass/print.sass sass/vim_syntax_highlighting.sass
	compass compile
	mkdir -p _site/css
	cp -f src/css/*.css _site/css

RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh

upload: all
	$(RSYNC) -a ./_site/* ./_site/.htaccess hostgator:domains/
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