vim-begin / vim-begin / jekyll-prototype /


use strict;
use warnings;

use IO::All;

use 5.0016;

foreach my $fn (@ARGV)
    my $text = io($fn)->utf8->slurp;

    if ($text !~ s/\A-+\nlayout: *default\ntitle: *([^\n]+)\n-+\n+//ms)
        die "Failed in $fn.";
    my $title = $1;

    my $bp = '../' x scalar(() = $fn =~ m#/#g);

[%- PROCESS "blocks.tt2" -%]
[%- SET title = '$title' -%]
[%- SET base_path = '$bp' -%]
[%- PROCESS start_html -%]

[% PROCESS "footer.tt2" %]
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