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Corrected per Miriam's input.

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 commit it yourself to the Subversion repository.
-Pick up a shirt <a href="">from the 
+Choose a shirt from <a href="">the 
 store</a> and email me your shipping address, shirt size and cut, and other
-necessary detail.
+required details.
 At your option use your newfound commit access to contribute more enhancements
 co-maintaining, and got <a href="">a "Whatever doesn't kill"</a> T-shirt for his boyfriend.
-<h3 id="receiver_miriam">Miriam</h3>
+<h3 id="receiver_miriam">Miriam Erez</h3>
-<a href="Miriam-wearing-Ozy-and-Millie-t-shirt.jpg"><img 
+<a href="Miriam-wearing-Ozy-and-Millie-t-shirt.jpg" title="Click to Enlarge"><img 
 src="Miriam-t-shirt-thumb.jpg" alt="Thumbnail of Miriam wearing the T-shirt."