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Add the Hitchhiker's Guide to ST-TNG spoof.

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 XML-Grammar-Screenplay is a processor for well-formed plain text representing
 Screenplays. This in turn is rendered into a specialized XML format, and
-that in turn can be converted to HTML or DocBook/XML.
+that in turn can be converted to HTML.
 <h2>Project Resources</h2>
 rendered into XML and XHTML.
+<a href="">"The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Trek - The Next Generation"</a> - David T. Lu's and Mickey McCarter's old parodical screenplay crosses <i>The 
+Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy</i> and <i>Star Trek: The Next Generation</i>.
+It was converted into Screenplay-Text format using a crude perl-5.10.x script
+and from that translated into XHTML.
 Some shorter and sillier examples can be found <a href="">in the test data directory</a>. 
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