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Added XML-Grammar-Screenplay.

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File wml/lib/

+    {
+        'perl_name' => "XML-Grammar-Screenplay",
+        'text' => "XML-Grammar-Screenplay",
+        'title' => "An XML Grammar for Rendering Screenplays",
+        'svn_dir' => "XML-Grammar-Screenplay",
+        'desc' => <<"EOF",
+XML-Grammar-Screenplay is a processor for well-formed plain text represnting
+Screenplays. This in turn is rendered into a specialized XML format, and
+that in turn can be converted to HTML or DocBook/XML.
+<h2>Project Resources</h2>
+<a href="">The One with the 
+Fountainhead</a> - original text, but fan fiction of the T.V. show 
+<a href="">Humanity - The 
+Movie</a> - all original text and concept. Under the CC-by-sa license.
+<a href="">Star
+Trek - "We The Living Dead"</a> - all original text, but fan fiction of
+Star Trek.
+Some shorter and sillier examples can be found <a href="">in the test data directory</a>. 
+    }

File wml/src/modules/XML-Grammar-Screenplay/index.html.wml

+#include "../template.wml"
+<gen_module_html "XML-Grammar-Screenplay" />