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Small improvements to the perlmf POD.

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 Revision history for Module-Format
+        - Small improvement to the script/perlmf POD.
 0.0.2   Sun Nov 28 22:13:26 IST 2010
         - Add keywords and resources to the Build.PL/META.yml.
         - Removed the depenedency on List::MoreUtils.


 pelrmf -- A command line tool for converting Perl module identifiers to
 certain formats.
-=head1 SYNOPSIS
+=head1 USAGE
-perlmf B<operation> [options] [Module names]
+    perlmf <operation> [options] [Module names]
+=head1 OPTIONS
     -0 - emit the module names separated by NUL (\0)
     -n - emit the module names separated by newlines (\n)
     perldoc Module::Format::Module
 You can also look for information at:
 =over 4