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Artdir Stage 1 - Functional Specification


This is a functional spec for a web-based artwork directory 
(possibly called freshfic, artdir etc.), which will allow for categorising,
browsing and searching for artworks available on the web, as well as for
announcing new releases of them and progress.

This spec uses a theme based on the movie[Spaceballs].

New Submission

Yogurt, the old wiseman, has decided to expand his merchandising empire to
web fiction. As such, he is going to make his bestselling book 
"Spaceballs - The Illustrated Children's Book" available for purchase on his 
web-site, under the CC-by-nc-sa.

In order to gain recognition, Yogurt goes to http://freshfic.tld/ and
registers using either of:

1. The standard registration process of filling in a username, E-mail and 
password twice, getting the confirmation E-mail, and filling the details.

2. Using OpenID.

3. Maybe some other methods in the future.

After Yogurt registered and confirmed his E-mail, he submits a new entry 
filling in:

1. The name - "Spaceballs - The Illustrated Children's Book".
2. Categories:
** Fiction → Prose → Children's Books → Illustrated Children's Books
** Genre: Science Fiction ; Comedy ; Parody
** Language: English
** License: CC-by-nc-sa
3. URL: http://www.yogurt.tld/merchandise/Space-Balls/Illustrated-Book/
4. Summary:
Teach your kid all they want to know about Spaceballs and how to make the
real money from merchandising! Follow the tale of Yogi and Urtbot as they
travel through space, time and some other dimensions to learn all about the
power of the Schwartz (which you must never underestimate).
5. Excerpt:
"Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz" said Yogi as he lifted the
huge statue of Yogurt off the ground until it landed on the Mog's foot."
6. Available formats:
6.1. PDF
6.2. Paperform.

Announcing a Release

Yogurt also announces a release, by filling the form:

1. Release name: "Version 0.2.0"
2. Changes: "First public release".
3. Release date: Now.

Editor acceptance

An editor reviews Yogurt's submission for correctness and after verifying that
it is available in the right URL and it looks like original artwork, it is
accepted into the directory.

Public view

Lone Starr is taking a break from his job as a space rogue, and decides to
see what's new in the world of Public cultural works. He heads to  
http://freshfic.tld/ and views the front page where he sees many interesting
submissions with releases:

* Songs of Druidia - a collection of King Roland's favourite songs.
* How to avoid air pollution - by President Skroob.
* The Druish Princess Way-of-Life - by Princess Vespa.

And naturally:

*  "Spaceballs - The Illustrated Children's Book" - by Yogurt.

Since Yogurt's work piques his interests the most, he goes to check it out
and read it.


Lone Starr has some critique of Yogurt's work, so he heads over to the work's
page and submits a comment (after having logged in, naturally):

Yogurt's work will rank among the classical works of Children's literature
as a cutting edge work of post-modern introspection into the deepness of the
living of the modern man in modern reality, in the Western World 
neo-civilisation of … something.

To sum up - I think it rocks. "May the Schwartz be with you".

He also rates the work with 9/10, previews the comment and submits it.