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File src/wml_aux/weblint/CMakeLists.txt

+INSTALL_RENAME_MAN("weblint.1" 1 "wml_aux_weblint")

File src/wml_aux/weblint/weblint.1

+.ds wV 1.020
+.TH "weblint \*(wV" 1L "August 97" "Handmade" tS
+.. tE
+.. tI
+.. iD
+\fIIdentifier\fP: \\$1
+\fIDefault\fP: \\$2
+.. wS
+.. wE
+.. lS
+.. lE
+.\" weblint command-line option macro wO
+.B "\\$1 \fI\\$2\fP"
+.\".ie \\n(.c==2 .B "\\$1 \fI\\$2\fP"
+.\".el .B "\\$1"
+.. lI
+.TP 4
+.B \(bu
+weblint \- pick fluff off web pages (HTML)
+.B weblint
+.wO -d id
+.wO -e id
+.wO -f filename
+.wO -i
+.wO -l
+.wO -s
+.wO -stderr
+.wO -t
+.wO -todo
+.wO -help
+.wO -U
+.wO -urlget command
+.wO -v
+.wO -version
+.wO -warnings
+.wO -x extension
+file1 .. fileN
+Weblint is a Perl script which picks fluff off HTML pages.
+Files to be checked are passed on the command-line:
+.ft CW
+% weblint foobar.html ./dodgy-files/ index.html
+.ft P
+If any of the arguments are directories weblint will recurse
+in the directory, and check any HTML files found.
+If an argument is a URL, then weblint will get the file
+using a URL retrieval program, and then check the file:
+.ft CW
+% weblint
+.ft P
+By default weblint will use lynx to retrieve URLs,
+but this can be over-ridden.
+A filename of `-' specifies that weblint should read from standard input:
+.ft CW
+% lynx -source | weblint -
+.ft P
+Warnings are generated a la lint:
+.ft CW
+home.html(9): unmatched </A> (no matching <A> seen).
+.ft P
+Weblint includes the following features:
+.lI "by default checks for HTML 3.2 (Wilbur)"
+.lI "46 different checks and warnings"
+.lI "Warnings can be enabled/disabled individually, as per your preference"
+.lI "basic structure and syntax checks"
+.lI "warnings for use of unknown elements and element attributes."
+.lI "context checks (where a tag must appear within a certain element)."
+.lI "overlapped or illegally nested elements."
+.lI "do IMG elements have ALT text?"
+.lI "flags obsolete elements."
+.lI "support for user and site configuration files"
+.lI "stylistic checks"
+.lI "checks for html which is not portable across all browsers"
+.lI "flags markup embedded in comments, since this can confuse some browsers"
+.lI "support for Netscape, and Microsoft HTML extensions"
+.tI "-d \fIwarning-identifier\fP"
+Disable the warning associated with the identifier.
+Multiple identifiers can be specified,
+with a comma between identifiers.
+.tI "-e \fIwarning-identifier\fP"
+Enable the warning associated with the identifier.
+Multiple identifiers can be specified,
+with a comma between identifiers.
+.tI "-f \fIconfig-file\fP"
+Specify a weblint configuration file which should be used in place
+of the user's default config file, or the site configuration file.
+.tI -help
+Show a short usage summary.
+.tI "-i"
+Ignore case of element tags.
+.tI "-l"
+When recursing in directories,
+ignore any files which are symlinks (also known as soft links).
+This will also cause files on the command-line to be ignored if they
+are symlinks, unless only one file is given.
+.tI -pedantic
+Turn on all warnings except the case-sensitive and bad-link warnings.
+.tI -s
+Generate `short' warning messages,
+which do not include the filename.
+.tI "-stderr"
+Print warning messages to STDERR rather than STDOUT.
+.tI -t
+Enable terse warning mode,
+which is mainly useful for the weblint testsuite.
+.tI -U
+Same as -help.
+.tI "-urlget \fIcommand\fP"
+The command which should be used to retrieve HTML pages specified by URL.
+.tI -v
+Display the version number.
+.tI -version
+Display the version number.
+.tI -todo
+This prints out the URL for the online version of the weblint ToDo list.
+This includes known bugs, and requested/planned features.
+.tI -warnings
+List all supported warnings, with warning identifier,
+and whether the warning is enabled.
+.tI "-x \fIextension\fP"
+Include checks for the specified HTML extension;
+multiple extensions can be specified, separated with a comma.
+Currently the only extensions supported are \fINetscape\fP and \fIMicrosoft\fP.
+This can also be set in your weblint configuration file,
+described below.
+Unless you specify otherwise, weblint assumes you are using HTML 3.2.
+Weblint supports the Netscape and Microsoft HTML extensions in addition.
+For example, weblint will complain that the BLINK
+element is not known,
+unless you enable the
+.B "Netscape"
+The following extensions are currently supported:
+.tI "Netscape"
+The HTML extensions supported by the Netscape browser, version 4.
+.tI "Microsoft"
+The HTML extensions supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4.
+To enable an extension, you can either use the \fB-x\fP command-line
+    \f(CW\s-2% weblint -x Netscape foobar.html\s+2\fP
+Or you can use the \fBextension\fP keyword in your \fI.weblintrc\fP:
+    \f(CW\s-2# enable the Microsoft extensions
+    extension Microsoft\s+2\fP
+\fIWeblint\fP can be configured using a file \fI.weblintrc\fP 
+in your home directory (or a file referenced by the WEBLINTRC
+environment variable).
+This file can be used to enable or disable specific warnings,
+set weblint variables, and include HTML extensions,
+as described above.
+Each warning has a short identifier string, used to refer to
+the warning in config files, and from the command-line.
+For example, if you want to enable the check for tags in upper-case,
+but disable the check for obsolete elements,
+then you would include the following lines in your .weblintrc:
+.ft CW -2
+# specify the command used to retrieve URLs (-urlget switch)
+set url-get = lynx -source
+# the style of warning message to generate (lint, short, or terse)
+set message-style = lint
+# enable warning for tags not in upper-case
+enable upper-case
+# disable the warning for obsolete tags
+disable obsolete
+# enable the Netscape HTML extensions
+extension Netscape
+# when recursing in a directory,
+# ignore files which are symlinks (also known as soft links)
+ignore symlinks +2
+.ft P
+The keywords can be followed by any number of arguments,
+separated by spaces or tabs.
+Anything following a `#' is treated as a comment.
+A sample configuration file is included in the weblint distribution
+(as of version 1.004),
+which mirrors the configuration built-in to weblint.
+Weblint also supports a site configuration file.
+If a user does not have a personal configuration file,
+then weblint will check for a local site configuration file.
+To provide such a file,
+create a directory such as /usr/local/weblint,
+and create a file global.weblintrc.
+You need to edit the weblint script and modify the $SITE_DIR variable,
+which you will find near the top of the file.
+For example:
+    \f(CW\s-2$SITE_DIR = '/usr/local/weblint';\s+2\fP
+At some point in the future there will be configuration support for
+weblint, so you won't have to modify the script directly yourself.
+If you have a site configuration file,
+then users can inherit the site defaults by adding the following line
+at the top of their .weblintrc file:
+    \f(CW\s-2use global weblintrc\s+2\fP
+All warnings generated by \fIweblint\fP are listed below,
+along with the associated identifier,
+and whether the warning is enabled or disabled by default.
+.iD upper-case disabled "tag <...> is not in upper case."
+.iD lower-case disabled "tag <...> is not in lower case."
+.iD required-attribute enabled "\f(BIfoo\fP attribute is required for <...>"
+.iD expected-attribute enabled "expected an attribute for <...>"
+.iD unknown-element enabled "unknown element <...>"
+.iD unknown-attribute enabled "unknown attribute `...' for element <...>."
+.iD leading-whitespace enabled "should not have whitespace between `<' and `...>'"
+.iD here-anchor enabled "bad form to use `here' as an anchor!"
+.iD require-head enabled "no <TITLE> in HEAD element."
+.iD once-only enabled "tag <...> should only appear once.  I saw one on line XX!"
+.iD body-no-head enabled "<BODY> but no <HEAD>."
+.iD html-outer enabled "outer tags should be <HTML> .. </HTML>."
+.iD head-element enabled "<...> can only appear in the HEAD element."
+.iD non-head-element enabled "<...> cannot appear in the HEAD element."
+.iD obsolete enabled "<...> is obsolete."
+.iD mis-match enabled "unmatched </...> (no matching <...> seen)."
+.iD img-alt enabled "IMG does not have ALT text defined."
+.iD nested-element enabled "<...> cannot be nested."
+.iD mailto-link disabled "Did not see <LINK REV=MADE HREF=mailto:...> in HEAD."
+.iD element-overlap enabled "</...> on line XX seems to overlap <...>, opened on line YY."
+.iD unclosed-element enabled "no closing </...> seen for <...> on line XX."
+.iD markup-in-comment enabled "markup embedded in a comment can confuse some browsers."
+.iD odd-quotes enabled "odd number of quotes in element <...>."
+.iD heading-order enabled "heading <H?> follows <H?> on line N."
+.iD bad-link disabled "target for anchor "..." not found."
+.iD unexpected-open enabled "unexpected < in <...> -- potentially unclosed element."
+.iD required-context enabled "illegal context for <...> - must appear in <...> element."
+.iD unclosed-comment enabled "unclosed comment (comment should be: <!-- ... -->"
+.iD illegal-closing enabled "element <...> is not a container -- </...> not legal."
+.iD physical-font disabled "<...> is physical font markup -- use logical (such as XXX)"
+.iD repeated-attribute enabled "attribute XYZ is repeated in element <...>"
+.iD empty-container enabled "empty container element <...>"
+.iD attribute-delimiter enabled "use of ' for attribute value delimiter is not supported by all browsers (attribute XYZ of tag ABC)"
+.iD closing-attribute enabled "closing tag <...> should not have any attributes specified."
+.iD directory-index enabled "directory DIR does not have an index file (index.html)"
+.iD must-follow enabled "<...> must immediately follow <...>"
+.iD img-size disabled "setting WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes on IMG tag can improve rendering performance on some browsers"
+.iD container-whitespace disabled "leading/trailing whitespace in content of container element ..."
+.iD require-doctype disabled "first element was not DOCTYPE specification"
+.iD literal-metacharacter enabled "`>' should be represented as `&gt;'"
+.iD heading-mismatch enabled "malformed heading - open tag is <H?>, but closing is </H?>"
+.iD bad-text-context enabled "illegal context, <...>, for text; should be in XXX."
+.iD attribute-format enabled "illegal value for AAA attribute of XXX (...)"
+.iD extension-markup enabled "<...> is extended markup (use '-x <extension>' to allow this)."
+.iD extension-attribute enabled "attribute `...' for <...> is extended markup (use '-x <extension>' to allow this)."
+.iD quote-attribute-value enabled "value for attribute XYZ (xyz-value) of element FOOBAR should be quoted (i.e. XYZ='xyz-value')"
+.iD meta-in-pre enabled "you should use '&gt;' in place of '>', even in a PRE element."
+.iD heading-in-anchor enabled "<A> should be inside <H?>, not <H?> inside <A>."
+.iD title-length enabled "The HTML spec. recommends the TITLE be no longer than 64 characters."
+.SH ""
+A simple regression testsuite is included with weblint,
+in the Perl script \f(CW\\s+2\fP.
+You can run the testsuite with either of the following commands:
+    \f(CW\s-2% make test
+    % ./\s+2\fP
+The results are printed to STDERR,
+with a more complete report generated in test.log.
+All tests should pass.
+If any tests fail, please email test.log to the address given
+in the AUTHOR section below.
+If this variable is defined, and references a file,
+then \fIweblint\fP will read the referenced file for the user's configuration,
+rather than $HOME/.weblintrc.
+The directory where weblint will create temporary working files.
+Defaults to /usr/tmp.
+.tI "$HOME/.weblintrc"
+The user's configuration file.  See the section `CONFIGURATION FILE'.
+.BR perl(1)
+This man page describes \fIweblint \*(wV\fP.
+.ft CW -2
+.ft P +2
+The list of known bugs can be found on the weblint home page:
+Certain versions of Perl have bugs which are triggered by weblint.
+You shouldn't experience problems if you have 4.036, or 5.002.
+Neil Bowers, Canon Research Centre Europe
+Lots of people have contributed to weblint,
+in the form of suggestions, bug reports, fixes, and contributed code.
+Please email me if your name should appear in the roll call below.
+Abigail <>;
+Anthony Thyssen <>;
+Axel Boldt <>;
+Barry Bakalor <>;
+Bill Arnett <>;
+Bob Friesenhahn <>;
+Mark Gates <>;
+Bruce Speyer <>;
+Chris Siebenmann <>;
+Clay Webster <>;
+Dana Jacobsen <>;
+David Begley <>;
+David J. MacKenzie <>;
+Douglas Brick <>;
+Gil Citro;
+Eric de Mund <>;
+Richard Finegold <>;
+Joerg Heitkoetter <>;
+David Koblas <>;
+John Labovitz <>;
+Eric Maryniak <>;
+John F. Whitehead <>
+Juergen Schoenwaelder <>;
+Frank Steinke <>;
+Larry Virden <>;
+Paul Black <>;
+Doug Grinbergs <>;
+Philip Hallstrom <>;
+Craig Leres <>;
+Richard Lloyd <>;
+Charles F. Randall <>;
+Robert Schmunk <>;
+Jeff Schave <>;
+Jon Thackray <>;
+Jens Thordarson <>;
+Ryan Waldron <>;
+Thomas Leavitt <>;
+Tom Neff <>;
+Victor Parada <>;
+Erick Branderhorst <>;
+Bryan O'Sullivan <>;
+Alan J. Flavell <>;
+Raphael Manfredi <>;
+Keith Iosso <>;
+Chris Lambert <>;
+Tristan Savatier <>;
+Phil Hooper <>;
+Gerald Viers <>;
+Dean Brissinger <>;
+Dave Schmitt <>;
+John Van Essen <>;
+Brandon Bell <>;
+Fumio Moriya and Toshiaki Nomura <>;
+Vincent Lefevre <>;
+Jason Mathews <>;
+Lars Balker Rasmussen <>;
+Richard L. Hawes <>.