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Fix some build problems in p3_eperl.

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 void give_readme(void)
-    fprintf(stdout, ePerl_README);
+    fprintf(stdout, "%s", ePerl_README);
 void give_license(void)
-    fprintf(stdout, ePerl_LICENSE);
+    fprintf(stdout, "%s", ePerl_LICENSE);
 void give_img_logo(void)
     if (mode == MODE_NPHCGI)
     printf("Content-Type: image/gif\r\n\r\n");
-    fwrite(ePerl_LOGO_data, ePerl_LOGO_size, 1, stdout);
+    if (fwrite(ePerl_LOGO_data, ePerl_LOGO_size, 1, stdout) != 1)
+    {
+        fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", "Cannot print the logo.");
+        return;
+    }
 void give_img_powered(void)


             if ((cpBuf = ePerl_ReadErrorFile(perlstderr, perlscript, source)) != NULL) {
-                fprintf(stderr, cpBuf);
+                fprintf(stderr, "%s", cpBuf);
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