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+Hi all!
+Having taken over the maintenance of WML from Denis (and Ralf before him), and 
+having fixed the cygwin build in the SVN, I'd like to propose the following 
+roadmap for WML's future:
+1. thewml.berlios.de and thewml.org:
+thewml.org used to be a very Web 1.0-ish site. At the moment, it's a Web 
+1.0-ish site which some parts of which were whipped into valid XHTML+CSS, 
+while trying to preserve the old look as much as possible. The CSS is 
+incredibly large, because I attempted to write it as is. We probably need a 
+new design altogether, with some simplifications.
+In any case, since we now have a project at Berlios.de  ( 
+http://developer.berlios.de/projects/thewml/ ), then I can set up 
+http://thewml.berlios.de/ as a temporary ad-hoc site, until we clean up 
+Another thing I'd like to do is have a wiki. We can get a MediaWiki instance 
+from Wikia (formerly WikiCities). Now, perhaps we could set up an 
+entire "CMSes" (Content Management Systems) wiki, where Web Meta Language 
+(and Latemp) will be part of.
+2. wmk
+When I started working with WML, I did not look at wmk and instead used GNU 
+make. I still do. I daresay I could not figure how to get wmk working. I also 
+converted some of the building of http://thewml.org/ to gmake, and Latemp 
+also uses gmake instead of "wmk".
+Maybe I'm missing something. I'll keep wmk around for backwards compatibility 
+purposes and also fix bugs if they are encountered, but like I said, I'm not 
+using it myself.
+3. New APIs
+WML is distributed along with many APIs. Some of the APIs are no longer 
+relevant. gFont for example has mainly been replaced with CSS. 
+Some APIs need to be revamped - the table generation APIs generate tables 
+(which can be very convenient) that are no longer valid HTML and XHTML or 
+have missing tags. The table-of-contents API is also not too XHTMLy. (I have 
+a newer one under xhtml/)
+We also need some new functionality. An API for bottom-of-the-page footnotes 
+would be nice, as would an API for a picture gallery. (Which have become all 
+of the rage recently). 
+Finally, we could use some rudimentary integration with XSLT. I've been using 
+XSLT with some XML::LibXSLT glue to generate some pages of my site from my 
+own XML grammars, and I suppose an API for that would be nice.
+All this work will be carried on in the 2.1.x development branch. (The 2.0.x 
+branch will be reserved for bug-fixes, etc.) Version 2.2.0 of WML will be the 
+first stable version to incporate the changes.
+For version 2.2.0, I'd also like to try and optimise WML where appropriate. 
+Like I said, it does seem somewhat slow (albeit better on faster computers).
+4. Releasing the cygwinnable WML 2.0.x
+At the moment, there's one problem with the cygwinnable WML 2.0.x of Automake 
+specifying the modules sub-directory in cygwin, where it cannot compile. This 
+can be fixed by hand, or by a script, but it's better to do it in the 
+automake level somehow. I have no idea how, but hopefully I can find out.
+5. Test Suite
+WML could really use a test suite with unit tests, system tests, etc. An 
+adequate solution would probably be to have several 
+input-files/input-flags/output-files combinations. One can also treat some 
+WML sites as system tests.
+6. Author Refs:
+I'm too tired of maintaining the author refs. It's not a lot of work, but it's 
+still quite a lot of manual work. I suggest we move it to a wiki of some 
+sort. That way people can add stuff on their own, without me having to 
+integrate it.
+I wanted to include some thoughts about WML in regards to Web 2.0, but I guess 
+they'll have to wait for later, because I'd like to send this message 
+	Shlomi Fish
+Shlomi Fish      shlomif@iglu.org.il
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