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Fix for make test - so it will return the right error code

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-    COMMAND "make" "-f" "test.mak"
+    "make" "-f" "test.mak" "test"


 	    $(PATH_PERL) -n -e 's/^.*$$/./s; print STDERR $$_; $$i++; print STDERR "\n" if ($$i % 60 == 0);'; \
 	    echo ''; \
 	else :; \
-	fi; \
-	echo "Running WML Test Suite (still incomplete):"; \
+	fi
+	echo "Running WML Test Suite (still incomplete):"
 	WML="$$root/bin/wml -q -W1,-N"; export WML; \
 	LANG=C; LC_ALL=C; export LANG LC_ALL; \
+	prove t/*.t ; \
+	exit $$?
 	-rm -rf TEST.root tmp.*.cmd 2>/dev/null
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