Check for new versions of the embedded tools

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Shlomi Fish
repo owner created an issue

WML ships with several external tools included as part of the distribution (inside wml_aux/etc.). They may have newer versions and we should see about shipping the new ones inside WML.

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  1. Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos

    I attempted to package this program for Fedora but it is almost impossible to proceed with so much bundled software. Is there a reason to include an embedded m4, eperl, libpcre? I think that at least p4_gm4 and p3_eperl can safely be removed and rely on the system version.

  2. Shlomi Fish reporter

    Hi, Nikos! There isn't a good reason for that except that that is how I inherited the package from its previous maintainers (and it is quite old and back then it may have been considered the best solution). No promises, but I can try working on removing those things, and in the meanwhile - pull requests to do that are welcome. BTW, is there an active eperl version maintained?

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