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  B U G  R E P O R T

  When you have ideas, suggestions or bugs you want to report to the WML
  author, then you have the following three options:

  1. Use the WML Bug Reporting Tool `wmb'

     This is the preferred way of submitting a bug report, because it
     automatically includes your platform parameters in the message which 90%
     of the time are really essential to solve the problem. The `wmb' tool
     uses a mail user agent (MUA) like `elm', `mutt', `pine' or `mail' or the
     mail transfer agent (MTA) `sendmail' for delivering the bug report to If your system has no E-Mail connection to the
     Internet or `wmb' is unable to find a suitable MUA, you have to use the
     alternative ways described under 2.) and 3.).

  2. Directly write an E-Mail to
     This is the last chance ;_) Go to a system from where you can send E-Mail
     and manually send one directly to Please include
     at least the output of `wml -V3'. 
  Independent what way you choose, the result should be an E-Mail to, containing as much information and details so the
  WML author and maintainer is able to successfully investigate in your
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