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  N E W S

  This file summarizes *major* changes to the WML sources, i.e.
  between each *revision* (1.x -> 1.(x+1)).  Take this logfile
  for detailed information about user related or visible changes.

  Major changes between 1.7 and 2.0:

      - Several improvements in wml_p1_ipp:
          The -S and -I flags are now processed in right-to-left order
          so that these flags in .wmlrc files have precedence over
          .wmlrc files above.

          Variable substitutions can now be nested and new constructs
          have been added. The only restriction is that parenthesis
          inside variable expansion are forbidden in inner expressions.

          New automatic variables are provided to ease generation of
          diaporamas (automatic references to previous and next files).

          Block comments are no more supported by wml_p1_ipp.

      - Meta-HTML is replaced by mp4h for Pass 2: the new parser has a
        syntax very similar to the one of Meta-HTML, and tags have been
        defined to ensure maximum compatibility.  Please read
        README.mp4h and the wml_p2_mp4h documentation for details on how
        to migrate from Meta-HTML to mp4h.

      - Allow nesting of wml_p3_eperl commands: this is one of the
        biggest challenge of WML 2.0 whereas it is entirely transparent
        for end users.  Read the wml_macros(7) manpage for details on
        how to write nestable macros.

      - Promote alternate syntax in wml_p5_divert: until wml-1.7.0,
        pass 5 used expressions containing angle characters.  In many
        situations this could confuse pass 2, and so an alternate form
        without angle characters is preferred.  Old syntax is still
        valid but should be avoided.  Note also that WML 1.7.3 and
        1.7.4 provided a slightly different syntax which is not
        supported anymore.

      - New include files:
          wml::std::label implements labels and references
          wml::mod::version ensures that a recent enough WML is run
          wml::mod::MakeMaker is to help writing portable WML modules

      - Wwwtable is replaced by freetable, a GPL replacement.  Syntax
        is very similar and input files should work without changes.

      - Support for both GIF and PNG formats.
        Logos are shipped in both formats, and generated images may be
        written in GIF (without the patented LZW algorithm) or PNG (if
        PNG library and headers are found) formats.
        Modified versions of libgd and GD are used to support both

      - Change format of ISO dates
        Format was previously dd-mm-yyyy and it has been changed to
        yyyy-mm-dd to conform to ISO standards.

      - A global base name may be used for generated images: instead of
        defining IMGB_BASE, IMGDOT_BASE,... it is now possible to define
        IMAGE_BASE and all generated images will refer to this variable.

      - Better processing on files in other directories: the main goal
        is to allow use of the VPATH feature of GNU make to build
        webpages into a test area before compiling webpages.  This
        does only apply to the wml binary, since there is no reason
        to mix WMk and Makefiles.

  Major changes between 1.6 and 1.7:

      - Enhanced time dependency checks for wmk: wml accepts a new
        flag to mimic how gcc handles dependency checks. This way,
        wmk rebuilds the target when it is older than the source
        file or than any file included during pass 1.

      - Easier multi-lingual files generation: instead of using
        the pseudo-shebang line, one can put the -o flags into
        the RC-Files. Moreover some new commands have been
        included in wml::std::lang to help writing compact and
        self-explanatory source files.

      - Defining variable without value: until now, the -D flag
        accepted a var=value pair, and returned an error if no
        value or an empty value was found. This was confusing
        because major programming language accepts these two
        forms, and because it was impossible to undefine a
        variable. Now -Dvar is equivalent to -Dvar=1 and
        -Dvar="" allows you to clear a variable.

      - Big changes in configuration stuff: it is now done with
        the same files as Apache 1.3, instead of the GNU ones.

      - Improve include files: new functionalities have been
        added especially into wml::std::toc, wml::std::lang and
        wml::des::navbar. Bug fixes have been committed to deal
        with quotes inside attributes.

      - Y2K fixes : all programs have been checked. It does not
        mean that WML is fully y2k compliant, but we do our best.
        Anyway, WML does use dates for a) check time dependency
        (WMk) and b) print current date.

      - Help to write cleaner HTML pages : the htmlfix program
        is improved, and new third party tools are put in
        wml_aux : HTML-Clean and tidy.

      - Add a keyword search in WMd: the Website Meta Language
        Documentation browser becomes more friendly with this
        nice tool.

      - Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> is the
        new maintainer of WML.

  Major changes between 1.5 and 1.6:

      - Big source and installation tree cleanup: the configure
        option --enable-compat was removed, the files
        wml_include/OBSOLETE* were removed, the wml_p*/ subdirs
        were moved to wml_backend/wml_p*/, etc.  pp. And in
        addition to this reorganization the backends and
        auxiliary programs are now installed in PREFIX/lib/exec/
        instead of PREFIX/bin/.

      - Cleanup of include files: tag names were renamed
        (especially in wml::des::navbar) to avoid namespace
        conflicts, tags were merged (especially in
        wml::std::box), tags were generalized (especially the new
        wml::std::logo), double-defined tags were removed
        (especially wml::sup::stack and wml::usr::rse), etc. pp.

      - Revised a wrong design decision of the early days:
        Comments are now supported in Pass 1 and not in Pass 8
        and they are now supported in a more general way:
        EOL-mode (#) and Block-mode (/*...*/) comments.  This
        pass shift was done to get rid of comments as quick as
        possible. This way we now really can comment out _any_
        stuff and as a side effect processing is a little bit

      - A new manpage was introduced: wml_tags(7), a permuted
        index of all defined WML meta-tags.

      - A lot of minor stuff was fixed, added or at least
        generalized: the WML -p, -V and -P options, RC-File
        parsing, HTMLfix quotation parsing, slice errors, etc.

  Major changes between 1.4 and 1.5:

      - New Platform Portability Test Suite: A PORTING.text
        script was added to the distribution which can be used to
        run a portability test and which displays a platform
        entry line on success which then can be added to the
        PORTING.L file. The PORTING text file now is
        automatically build out of the PORTING.L entries.

      - New GNU Autoconf option: ``--with-cc=PATH''. This
        equivalent to setting CC=PATH before running the
        ``configure'' script but follows the same idea as

      - The maintainer files for the packaging mechanisms of
        various Unix derivates have been added as
        wml_contrib/pkg/ for reference. Currently there are files
        for the FreeBSD Ports area, the Debian dpkg mechanism and
        the RedHat Package Manager.

      - Added new include file: wml::std::lang. This provides a
        high-level interface for multi-lingual support via

  Major changes between 1.3 and 1.4:

      - The source distribution again was cutted down by
        approximately 100 KB, especially by removing unnecessary
        database support for Meta-HTML in the wml_p2_mhc/*

      - Now Speedup mode (introduced in 1.3) is the default
        processing mode and the -s option now stand for --safe
        and can be used to use the slow but more safe
        forking-based approach of starting the Perl-based WML
        passes. The trick of the Speedup mode is that the
        frontend `wml' precompiles the Perl scripts into its
        memory and evaluates them with the current interpreter
        instead of using the system() call.

      - A new Curses-based frontend named WMd (WML Documentation)
        was added for nice and easy access to all WML manual
        pages (works correct even without correct MANPATH).  The
        reason is because WML has a lot of single manpages with
        non-trivial names and such a startup page simplifies
        access to the documentation.  The side effect is that you
        now need a SVR4-compatible Curses-library (like NCurses
        or S-Lang) to build WML. The used tool for browsing is
        iSelect which was added to the distribution under

      - The long-awaited internal <protect [pass=SPEC]>..</protect>
        container tag was added. This can be used to protect
        *any* data from being processed by any WML pass.  While
        such protections can be applied after any pass, the final
        output data is unprotected after pass 9 only. Use this
        new feature for protecting page contents which would
        conflict with any WML functionality.

      - Now the long-awaited new wml::des::navbar killer include
        file replaces the old version. This is a complete new
        approach to create navigation bars. It is based on the
        idea of defining a grammar-like structure and let this
        structure be rendered later. The structure itself is
        completely independed of the used HTML markup code, so any
        type of navigation bar can be created. There is although
        additional support for rollover effects and Plain-Text

      - Divert (WML Pass 5) now supports named leave tags, i.e.
        you can leave a diversion by name which has the effect of
        leaving it and all other diversions which were entered
        from within it. This way one can use a templates more
        then once in an input file.

      - Now ePerl and thus WML supports the Perl Locale
        environment which makes WML support international
        character sets, for instance in the <sc>..</sc> container
        tag from wml::des::typography

      - A new wml::des::preload include file was added
        for minimal preloading support of images.

      - Another frontend: WMb -- Website META Language Bug
        Reporting Tool.  This can be used to easily sumbit a bug
        report to the WML author.

      - System variables like WML_GEN_HOSTNAME now can be
        overwritten by -D options on the command line or in
        .wmlrc files. For instance this is useful to overwrite
        informations for the <info> tag from wml::std::info with
        correct values.

      - Various 3rd-party software upgrades:
        ePerl 2.2.8, Bit-Vector 5.0b1, Slice 1.2.7

      - Numerous minor enhancements, portability changes and
        bugfixes were done on the various WML passes and WML
        include files. See the file ChangeLog for more details.

  Major changes between 1.2 and 1.3:

      -  New options -s which speeds up processing by avoiding fork()s
      -  New feature in HTMLfix (pass 7): out-commenting HTML tags (<xx#>)
      -  New feature in HTMLfix (pass 7): post-indenting (<indent>)
      -  Cleanup of all WMk and WML options, including GNU long-options
      -  Enhanced WML -v1 output (table format)

  Major changes between 1.1 and 1.2:

      -  HTML tag overwrite support (via <tag*> and </tag*>)
      -  Pass 8 (HTMLStrip) overhauled (removed incorrect stripping)
      -  Pass 1 (IPP) enhanced (new __FILE__, __LINE__ and $(VAR) stuff)
      -  Perl compatibility changes ("use lib" replaced by "BEGIN/@INC" variant)
      -  New manual pages: wml_intro(7) and wml_tutorial(7)
      -  Cleaned up distribution [Step 2] (removed unnecessary stuff)
      -  Upgrade to ePerl 2.2.3

  Major changes between 1.0 and 1.1:

      -  Fixed command line argument bugs (especially -DXXX=YYYY)
      -  Changed GNU Autoconf option --with-closedworld to --with-openworld
      -  Cleaned up distribution [Step 1] (removed unnecessary stuff)
      -  Upgrade to Slice 1.2.4