Website Meta Language / src / COPYRIGHT.OTHER

  C O P Y R I G H T . O T H E R
  WML -- Website META Language

  This file lists all foreign WML parts written by other authors. 
  I want to thank all of them both for writing such good software
  and to make it freely available. The credit for these parts is yours.

  For the general Copyright on WML see the file COPYRIGHT!


  GNU-m4 1.4 [wml_p4_gm4/]
      Copyright (c) Ren'e Seindal

  txt2html 1.28 [wml_aux/txt2html/]
      Copyright (c) Seth Golub <>

  linklint 2.3.5 [wml_aux/linklint/]
      Copyright (c) James B. Bowlin <>

  weblint 1.020 [wml_aux/weblint/]
      Copyright (c) Neil Bowers <>

  freetable 0.11 [wml_aux/freetable/]
      Copyright (c) Tomasz Węgrzanowski <>

  htmlclean 1.25 [wml_aux/htmlclean/]
      Copyright (c) Paul Lindner <>

  tidy 04th August 2000 [wml_aux/tidy/]
      Copyright (c) Dave Raggett <>

  PCRE 3.2 [wml_backend/p2_mp4h/pcre/]
      Copyright (c) University of Cambridge

  GetoptLong 2.23 [wml_common/getoptlong/]
      Copyright (c) Johan Vromans <>

  Bit-Vector 6.0 [wml_common/bitvector/]
      Copyright (c) Steffen Beyer, <>

  File-PathConvert 0.85 [wml_common/filepathconvert/]
      Copyright (c) Shigio Yamaguchi <>

  Image-Size 2.93 [wml_common/imagesize/]
      Copyright (c) Randy Ray <>

  GD 1.23 [wml_common/gd/]
      Copyright (c) Lincoln D. Stein <>

  IO 1.20 [wml_common/io/]
      Copyright (c) Graham Barr <>

  TermReadKey 2.14 [wml_common/termreadkey/]
      Copyright (c) Kenneth Albanowski

  The Bare Bones Guide to HTML, v4.0 [wml_docs/wml_barebone.txt]
      Copyright (c) Kevin Werbach