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Winapt (codenamed "Icehamster") Design Notes

The Mission:

1. Write a tool for developers to create re-usable MS-Windows packages. (a la
.rpm or .deb.)

2. Write a tool that will allow users to install these packages on their 

3. Write a tool that will allow users to install or uninstall packages
from the Net or from Media, along with all of their dependencies. 
(a la apt/urpmi/yum)

4. Write a hosting backend management for hosting such packages on remote

Technologies that will be used:

1. Perl - http://www.perl.org/ - writing package management and build systems
in C is widely considered a bad idea. (dpkg/apt and rpm are written in C
because they are expected to run on an embedded device in the electricity
cabinet of the ladies restroom in a gas station in Albuquerque.) On a standard
Win32 system we can easily install the Perl run-time without worrying too
much about bloating the system, so there's no reason why we shouldn't use it.

    Why not a different language?

    1. I know and like Perl the best, and so I'm going to use what I like.

    2. I think it would be very suitable for this.

    3. There are plenty of good and useful modules in CPAN.

    4. Many programmers know Perl enough to contribute.
    5. If you don't like it, write an alterantive with a different 
    language. :-)
2. PAR - http://par.perl.org/ - this will allow us to prepare self-contained
packages of Winapt.

Desired Features of the t->\infinity Version:

(in no particular order)

* Handle installation per-user and global installation.

* Manage registry keys.

* Have the ability to track several major versions of the same program and 
install them all at once.

* Seemless upgrade of packages.

* Install new packages easily.

* Resolve dependencies.

* No (!!) file dependencies.

* Be able to fetch using FTP, HTTP, Bit-Torrent, etc. Use libwww-perl (LWP) or 

* Support authentication and authorization. (client side and server side).

* Handle installation scripts in Perl, CMD.EXE, cygwin/MSys bash/zsh (requires
installation of the latter), and possibly other languages by inflection 
(i.e: extract the scripts and use perl to invoke them. Requires their 

* Would provide Perl modules to facilitate the installation. Some configuration
files can be written in YAML or XML, and be processed by the Perl script to 
perform robust installation/uninstallation.

* Internationalization and Localization support.

* Support only Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 (and possibly Windows Vista). Win98 is 
too Evil to support properly, and WinME even more so. It may or may not work 
on the Win95/98/ME line, but we will not actively support it there.

* Portability to UNIXes is not an issue. UNIXes have their own package 
management schemes, which whatever their failing are more concentrated on 
UNIX support. Win32 is very different, and we will do things differently, and
occasionally using the Win32 API.


* How do we handle file/dir permissions on Win32?

* What archive format to use to package the files?

* How do we efficiently clean up the Win32 Registry after populating it.

* Note: I (= Shlomi Fish) while being very proficient in Perl, is by no
means a Win32 system programming expert. So I could use any help I can get.

* I also need some help in learning about how to run Windows on Linux using
VMWare, and I need a VMWare license.