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Fast-forward to the new affiliations and the new installation path.

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File wml/Install.bash

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 mkdir -p "$DEST"
 cp -f shlomif/affiliations.wml "$DEST"

File wml/shlomif/affiliations.wml

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+<define-tag affil_perl_begin>
+<a href="http://perl-begin.org/" title="The Perl Beginners' Site"
+src="$(ROOT)/images/perl-begin.png" alt="The Perl Beginners' Site"
+class="bless" /></a>
 <define-tag affil_collection_shlomif>
-<affil_latemp />
-<affil_wml />
 <affil_firefox />
+<affil_perl_begin />
 <affil_valid_html />
 <affil_valid_css />
+<affil_wml />
+<affil_latemp />
 <define-tag affil_collection_berlios>