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Shlomi Fish  committed 71990ea

Fixed the POD from its module-starter leftovers.

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 Revision history for WWW-Search-MSN
+        - Fixed the POD from its module-starter leftovers.
 0.01    Sat Apr 15 21:55:05 IDT 2006
         First version, released on an unsuspecting world. Works from what
         I tested.

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 =head1 NAME
-WWW::Search::MSN - The great new WWW::Search::MSN!
+WWW::Search::MSN - backend for searching search.msn.com
 =head1 VERSION
-our $VERSION = '0.01';
+our $VERSION = '0.0101';
 use vars qw(@ISA);
 This module provides a backend of L<WWW::Search> to search using 
-Perhaps a little code snippet.
     use WWW::Search;
     my $oSearch = WWW::Search->new("MSN");