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Revision history for WWW-Search-AOL

0.0103 Wed Mar 25 18:03:37 IST 2009
    - Updated to the recent markup as returned by
    - Updated to the recent UTF-8 handling of WWW::Search, and now
    depending on it in Build.PL.

0.0102 Sat May  6 19:18:31 IDT 2006
    More searches with no results fixes.

0.0101 Tue May  2 12:53:47 IDT 2006
    Fixed handling searches with no results.

0.0100 Fri Apr 21 14:03:07 IDT 2006
    First version, released on an unsuspecting world. Works from what
    I tested. Skeleton for this module was derived from WWW-Search-MSN,
    which is an earlier module for searching by the same