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Revision history for WWW-Search-MSN

0.0106  Sat Apr  4 22:24:53 IDT 2009
        - Making sure we do the right thing, when a possibly non-existent 
        element was not found and as a result was assigned undef.
            - Fixes

0.0105  Thu Nov 27 21:29:46 IST 2008
        - Updated to the new MSN Search syntax.

0.0104  Sat Nov 11 10:10:12 IST 2006
        - Fixed - changed their markup.
            - Thanks to PURDY for reporting it!

0.0103  Fri Jul 28 12:08:08 IDT 2006
        - Added 02empty.t to test for an empty result set.
        - Fixed bug
            - Thanks to Tomasz Chomiuk for reporting it.

0.0102  Wed Jul 12 21:04:58 IDT 2006
        - In 01basic.t the test now matches http:// and https:// instead of 
        just http://
        - Added Encode to the pre-requisites, as it is absent in some earlier
        perl versions. See: 
            - Thanks to PURDY for reporting it!

0.0101  Sun Apr 16 14:40:22 IDT 2006
        - Fixed the POD from its module-starter leftovers.
        - Added a note about the Subversion repository to the POD.

0.01    Sat Apr 15 21:55:05 IDT 2006
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world. Works from what
        I tested.
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